Our Impact



In mid-2018, for the very first time in SFT history, we were able to host one of the most important training events for SFT activists, ‘Free Tibet! Action Camp’ in Ontario, Canada! One of SFT’s core priorities is to cultivate and educate leaders to sustain the global Tibetan Freedom Movement by organizing various conferences, training events, and workshops around the world.Through this training, SFT Canada welcomed many new members and chapter leaders, workshop trainers, guest speakers, volunteers, and supporters! Through an intensive week of training and discussion, we were able to equip participants with the knowledge, tools, and networks necessary to become stronger Tibet activists.


Partnership with TIFF

During TIFF’s youth-initiated ‘Next Wave Festival’, SFT Canada partnered to co-present their screening of Tibetan film “Barley Fields on the Other Side of the Mountains” as well as the film “The Sweet Requiem”. These opportunities provided SFT Canada with the platform to reach a wider and more diverse audience, and encouraged new people to join the Tibetan movement here in Canada.



Nuit Blanche (French for ‘White Night) is an annual night-time arts festival that transforms the city of Toronto into an overnight art gallery providing space for hundreds of art installations, performances, themed social gatherings, and other activities. For the first time, SFT Canada members participated with a political performance piece depicting self immolations and connected with hundreds of people on the streets of Toronto by handing out information flyers and engaging on the topic of Tibet.


Momo Crawl T.O. 2018

SFT Canada held the most successful Momo Crawl to date! With over 600 Momo Crawl passport holders, we engaged over a thousand local Torontonians and visitors on Tibet’s rich culture, leveraging this platform to share Tibet’s history and current status as one of the least free countries in the world. Momo Crawl T.O. has provided SFT Canada an important platform on which Tibet - beyond food and culture can be discussed to a wider audience.


Little Tibet MARKET 2018

SFT Canada held the first ever ‘Little Tibet Market’ at 2018’s Spring into Parkdale Festival organized by the Parkdale Village BIA in Toronto. In the heart of Little Tibet, the market was located in the Salvation Army Plaza. Our market featured Tibetan arts & crafts, vendors, live music performances, poetry readings, a fashion show, meditation workshops, and more! Locals and visitors alike were able to get a glimpse of Tibet and the ongoing struggle through this interactive and inclusive event.



Tibetan National Uprising Day, March 10, is a pivotal day in Tibetan history that marks the mass resistance and disapproval of the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959. This year, the day was observed in cities all across the country, including Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa. In Toronto, we gathered in 'Little Tibet’, Parkdale and marched to City Hall where we were joined by guest speakers and allies from different movements and backgrounds. We ended the rally at the Chinese Consulate to show solidarity with the Tibetan people inside Tibet who continue to struggle for freedom and basic human rights to this day.



In 2018, SFT Canada stretched out our branches in order to initiate the building of bridges between the Tibetan struggle and the many different social justice movements who share our visions of Freedom. We were able to show up and stand in solidarity with movements, including the Rohingya community, the Womxn’s March, Indigenous Rights Protests, Worker’s Rights, Hong Kong Umbrella Movement, the Taiwan Sunflower Movement, the Chinese Democratic Movement, among others. SFT Canada commits to continue to work together, in soldiarity and to build bridges in hopes of identifying even more points of intersection between our movements.



“Ngatso” is the romanized form of “us” and “ours” in Tibetan. Ngatso is a statement, a call-to-action. To wear Ngatso means to be a part of “us” and to take ownership of “ours”. Founded and powered by SFT Canada, the Ngatso Initiative aims to retake the notion of Tibet. Tibet has long been underrepresented and misrepresented by the media, pop culture, state powers, and countless others. Our work features visions drawn from traditional and contemporary Tibetan art, culture, music, language, politics, and more. We reclaim Tibet through the lens of fashion and art. Ngatso aims to empower Tibetans in owning the representation of Tibet and to power the mission of SFT Canada.



Tibetan activist and writer Shokjang was arrested in Rebkong, Tibet, for expressing his disapproval of the excessive deployment of Chinese military in Tibet, and arbitrarily detained at Menyuan Prison for almost a year before being sentenced to three years on February 17, 2016. Responding to authorities, Shokjang rejected their sentence and maintained his innocence throughout. Since his detention, SFT Canada led a campaign for his immediate and safe release. On March 19, 2018, after years of continued advocacy by SFT Canada and groups worldwide, Shokjang was safely released. We celebrate his release and pledge to continuity advocating for political prisoners like Shokjang.


TIBETAN Independence Day 2018

On February 13, SFT Canada joined the world-wide grassroots network of chapters and communities in commemorating Tibetan Independence Day. The theme of “Stand for the Tibetan National Anthem” was chosen to highlight the Tibetan people’s vision of a Free Tibet, where Tibetans in Tibet and in exile are united in freedom to proudly sing the Tibetan National Anthem in front of the Potala Palace. In 2018, over 10 cities worldwide joined in commemorating this important day.